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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Quick thoughts on New Hampshire

Apparently, the final score was Kerry 39%, Dean 26%, Clark and Edwards 12% each, and Lieberman 10%. Kucinich got 1%.

The two southeners and the most hawkish on Iraq received 34% of the vote and this is a significant voting bloc for Democrats. One of those three may yet emerge to energize voters in South Carolina or Oklahoma. Personally, I find Lieberman the most unlikely to be the one. Edwards is almost a favorite sun in South Carolina and Clark is supposed to be polling well in Oklahoma.

We'll soon find out how well John Kerry plays as the front-runner. I can see him winning Delaware next week, but what is going to happen in Arizona (Dean?) and Missouri -- a really important state for Democrats.

BULLETIN: Ron Reagan just used the word "dementia" in describing Bush's continuing insistence that Iraq has WMD. It's just after 11 pm ET.

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