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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

MoveOn ads

Some time ago, solicited individuals to produce 30 second political ads that would reveal the "truth about George Bush." Recently, they posted those 1500 (!) ads and asked web surfers to watch them and rate them.

Now, they have narrowed their pool to the top 15. If you want to view them and vote, simply visit their website.The Republican National Committee has made a fuss about a couple of ads that apparently compared Bush to Hitler. A representative from the RNC called it "political hate speech."

As MoveOn's press release notes, these were ads that were independently produced and the offensive ads are not among the finalists. Apparently, the only place on the web where these ads can now be found is on the RNC website!

Republicans in 2002, by the way, ran actual TV ads in Georgia comparing Vietnam veteran Max Cleland (who lost an arm and both legs in the war) to Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

Was that "political hate speech"?

Update: Dan Drezner has a link to and quote from Ralph Peters (retired Army intell officer) in the NY Post (a Rupert Murdoch publication, of course). Peters explicitly compares Howard Dean to Hitler...

Correction: MoveOn has a panel of (celebrity) judges to vote for the 15 finalists. However, web surfers can vote for winners in 3 categories: “Funniest Ad,” “Best Youth Ad,” and “Best Animation.” I picked "Greatest Hits," "Al Keyda," and "Yeehaw," but there were several other good ones.

My favorites of the 15, by the way, are "Leave No Billionaire Behind," "Polygraph," "In My Country," and "Hood Robbin'." I also liked "Child's Play" and "Army of One" and several others. All have some merit and are worth watching.

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