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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year!

In addition to the New Year, I'm about to celebrate my fourth month of blogging. Thanks for reading.

The hitmeter at the bottom of the page shows that the blog has received nearly 5200 hits since September 5. About 1600 of those came on one day after a couple of major blogs linked to my Voice of America interview.

On a pretty steady bases, 25 to 30 people read this space per day. During the holidays, readership has declined a bit -- but so has the blogging. That seems fair.

Sometime soon, Wampum is going to be conducting its Koufax Awards vote, for best left-leaning blogs. I was nominated in the "Best New Blog" category (thanks to several of you who nominated me), and was subsequently asked to submit a post for consideration. I do not know if I will make the ballot, but nominations closed yesterday.

I'll let you know when the voting begins and if I'm on the ballot.

Thanks again for reading -- and have a great 2004.

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