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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Blogroll Update

I've made a couple of recent changes to the blogroll on the right.

First, tonight I added a link to FunctionalAmbivalent, largely because I read an op-ed by the writer in my local paper. I'm planning to check in frequently.

I also added a link to unfutz, largely because Ed Fitzgerald (the blogger) is updating his survey of blog Electoral College predictions. He reads the projections so we don't have to -- and then averages the results. The mean of the 38 sites in his latest (August 15) update has the race Kerry 293, Bush 222 (remainder 23 because of tossups). Cool!

In recent weeks, I also added links to Laura Rozen, a journalist who blogs mostly about national security issues, Juan Cole, an historian and Middle East specialist who blogs a great deal about Iraq, and Discourse Net, which is written by Michael Froomkin, a lawyer interested in deliberative democracy.

There are a lot of other good reads over there, of course.

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