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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Earnest, but dry

Rochelle Renford of the local Leo weekly (the title acronym stands for Louisville's eccentric observer) wrote about blogs in the issue dated August 25, 2004.

"Do your part: Read a blog," she declared.

And the very first recommendation?
• Roger A. Payne’s Blog ( He’s not funny; in fact, he’s kind of depressing in an earnest, caring-about-the-country’s-future way, but you could quite possibly learn more than a little something.
Of course, she left out the "d" and the on-line article doesn't have working links...but thanks, I guess.

Note: When I spell-checked this post (which I too rarely do, but since I mentioned spelling...), the blogspot software recommended I replace the word "blog" with "bloc" or some other word. Hmmm.

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