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Friday, August 06, 2004

Dog Days of August?

Isn't August supposed to be vacation time in politics? Politicos evacuate DC because it's a hot and humid swamp, and thus media (even bloggers) get a break because of the lack of news.

Fat chance.

Bruce Springsteen has helped launch Vote for Change in order to dump Bush. He penned an op-ed for the NY Times and was interviewed for "Nightline" by Ted Koppel.

Halliburton, big surprise, manipulated perceptions about its profits during Dick Cheney's tenure as CEO. The firm committed securities fraud, essentially.

John McCain is once again defending fellow veteran John Kerry against right-wing smears of his record in Vietnam. So why was CNN still covering the campaign ad tonight on Lou Dobbs? Why give it more attention than it deserves? It is a slime ad.

And Colin Powell has been interviewed in the Valerie Plame case -- apparently about a conversation he had with George W. Bush in July 2003.

Meanwhile, I'm still swimming, eating lots of ice cream and hanging out with my wife and kids.

More later.

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