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Friday, October 08, 2004

Be Careful Who Your Friends Are

Both the President and Vice President have been touting Libya's decision to give up WMD as a success in their "war on terrorism."

However, the Washington Times has a story today titled, "Iraq Minister: Libya backing terrorists" from the UPI that may make John Kerry mention Libya:
Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan accused Libya Friday of backing insurgencies against the Iraqi government by former followers of Saddam Hussein....

Shaalan said the Iraqi government has documents proving Libya is backing the remnants of the ousted Baath regime, including al-Sabawi Ibrahim, Saddam's half-brother, and Mohammed Younes, a former member of the Baath party's military council.

"Libya is financing those two men to help them carry out their terrorist operations in Iraq," he said.
Interesting, eh?

Abu Aardvark provided the link.

I'm off to Pittsburgh for the Workshop on Preemptive and Preventive War.

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