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Monday, October 11, 2004

Vote NOW!

The Washington Post is running a contest to determine the best political blogs. Nominations are closed, so I'm not asking readers to vote for me.

However, stop by and be counted. In most categories, there are clear left/right nominees and I obviously suggest you vote for the people on my blogroll.

Atrios, Billmon, Juan Cole (Informed Comment), Kos, and Josh Marshall (Talking Points Memo) all deserve your serious consideration in one or more categories. Sometimes, it's a tough call deciding among them.

As for the not-so-serious...It is a real shame that skippy the bush kangaroo wasn't nominated as class clown, but as a sometimes actor he's probably used to some rejection. It's not like skippy can win the role of "Mr. Happy" every time, right?

Sadly, the recent Atlantic article on "The Hollywood Campaign" overlooked blogger-actors too.

In any case, I didn't vote for Wonkette.

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