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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sorry, no WebRebate for this Useless Entry

Sorry, no further blogging until at least Wednesday when I have some work time in the office.

I've long had the spyware WebRebates on my home PC. Sunday night, during the late extra innings Yankees-Red Sox game, I tried to do something about it.

Apparently, I over did it because I can no longer log into XP. Every time I try, XP quickly responds by "logging off." Ugh.

Hopefully, the tech people can fix it for me without too much trouble. However, I lost several hours the past two days trying to figure out what to do. Let's hope that is all I lose.

Note to collaborators on research: This means I've been unable to get any real work done for more than 24 hours. A pre-election policy brief is in jeopardy. Sorry.

Update: Three cheers for the A&S Tech support team, which reported success. Now, on to XP Service Pack 2! For reasons that seem obvious to me, I now see the entire Red Sox-Yankees series as a metaphor for this battle against spyware. I was despondent after early setbacks, which threatened to render my computer useless, but am now boosted and confident by the latest victories.

How will it turn out?

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