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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Third Presidential Debate: Instant Analysis

Though I'm not much of an expert on domestic politics, I thought John Kerry did a better job debating them than did George Bush.

So, here's my quick rundown on the debate:

1. Kerry really bashed Bush on the assault weapons question. Prosecutors and police Departments are on his side (mostly) and this issue resonates with many swing voters. That's why Clinton pushed it, right?

2. I still wish Kerry had answered Bush's claim that 3/4 of al Qaeda leaders have been arrested or killed.

3. Kerry completely deflated the administration's claims about the new jobs created in the past year or so. In Arizona, Kerry noted, these jobs pay nearly $13,700 less and all Americans face cut benefits (fewer and fewer provide health care). Plus, many costs of living, like gasoline and health care, are increasing rapidly.

4. Bush told some boldfaced lies in this debate and they'll be easily checked. Kerry quoted Bush correctly on Osama bin Laden, and the President said Kerry exaggerated?

5. The Tony Soprano line was funny -- and resonated with Kitty Kelley readers! It was Kerry's Dred Scott moment -- red meat for the base that the other side's masses don't recognize!

6. The Mitch McConnell minimum wage proposal is lower than the one proposed by Ted Kennedy and other Democrats. Plus, Bush never advocated an increase. It's just like the assault weapons issue -- lack of presidential leadership kept a bad status quo in place.

7. Kerry was very good on the draft question, though he still doesn't say how he'll obtain the 2 new divisions. Bush tried to turn this into a "global test" question -- and Kerry passed it.

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