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Friday, December 03, 2004

Google Scholar, Steroid-Free

The countdown to my sabbatical starts Monday once classes end at noon. At that point, it all hinges on the grading and I am already finished with the essay tests. Still, nearly 60 papers await my attention and that means over 400 pages to mark.

In preparation for the sabbatical, I've been toying around a bit with Google Scholar. For example, I entered a phrase related to my project: "good international citizenship." That yielded 58 results and the top one was predictable, a piece I read a couple of years ago by Nicholas Wheeler and Timothy Dunne. Their title begins with the search phrase.

Next, I clicked on the information, "Cited by 12," for that piece and also tracked down a lot of other leads. [February 1, 2013, update: now cited by 120!]

For academics, this seems like a tremendously valuable resource.

Or, it is a great way to waste time, googling friends and academic critics (should you be lucky enough to have any).

Oh, given the latest news headlines from the world of baseball, I should reveal that I did not use any steroids to prepare this (or any other) post on the blog.

Who needs steroids with Google Scholar? Caffeine will suffice!

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