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Saturday, December 04, 2004

In or out?

According to news reports, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was asked to remain for a second Bush administration. Given how well the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq went, which was directly supervised by the Pentagon, this is a bit of a surprise. I guess this means Rumsfeld isn't going to be held to account for Abu Ghraib.

By the way, did everyone notice that there's new evidence of prisoner abuse with photographic evidence provided by the Associated Press? The Navy is investigating. A member of the service (or a spouse) apparently posted the photos on the internet.

Meanwhile, American Ambassador to the United Nations, John Danforth resigned after only five months in office -- though he will apparently stay until January 20. Reports suggest that Danforth wanted to be Secretary of State and was disappointed when the job went to Condi Rice.

Kofi Annan is the Secretary-General of the UN, not a member of the Bush administration, though he intends to stay on the job until his term ends. At least one US Senator, Minnesota's Norm Coleman, is hungry for his resignation (and there are allegations that Annan's son may have received a payoff in the oil-for-food scandal), but US Secretary of State Colin Powell has praised Annan again and much of the world has rallied behind Annan. It looks like the S-G will survive, at least for now.

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