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Thursday, December 09, 2004

This page intentionally left blank

Back in graduate school, I used to call the Pentagon's public affairs office pretty regularly and request copies of various documents: Soviet Military Power, the Annual Report by the Secretary, Strategic Defense Initiative reports, etc.

A lot of those documents had pages towards the front that simply said: "this page intentionally left blank."

Apparently, DoD still does this.

So, why am I blogging this topic?

Last week, I graded about 50 hand-written essay exams. This week, I graded about 75 papers. Figure about 6 pages per paper...and that's 450 pages of reading...and I was expected to make comments...

So, I'm tired and my brain is blank. Fried.

It was all I could do to watch Kansas beat TCU in hoops, 93-74. I wasn't even that disappointed that "The Daily Show" didn't have a political guest.

Note: Hey, I wonder if those old SMP documents have any resale value? I may have the full run...apparently, not much. Oh well, at least I still have one of the rare copies of Baseball Prospectus 1996.

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