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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Vote with your wallet

The holidays are approaching and many people will celebrate by shopping.

Free tip: readers may want to spend their money on products and services from companies that lean left in their corporate giving.

To that end, skippy the bush kangaroo had some useful links. For example, click here for help with "Progressive Shopping."

You'll learn that these companies support left leaning politicians and/or causes (at minimum, they give soft money to Democrats): Costco (who knew?), Netflix, Ben & Jerrys (Ok, that was a gimme), Borders Books, Foot Locker, Gymboree, LL Bean, J Crew, Skechers, Starbucks, Black and Decker, Hasbro, Sharper Image, Mattel, Nordstroms, Barnes and Noble, Big Lots, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

The means shoes, toys, games, dolls, books, CDs, DVDs, towels, toaster ovens, electric drills, discount goods,'s all there.

Happy shopping.

Oh...and don't forget to give to your favorite charities too.

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