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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

One last vacation post

How I spent my winter break:

Movies: In the theater, I saw Sideways and The Incredibles. Both were quite entertaining. See them.

On home video, I watched Dirty Pretty Things, The Door in the Floor, Collateral and The Terminal. These were definitely second tier; I've listed them from best to worst though the two in the middle could perhaps be flip-flopped.

Theater: "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (with the lead role played by the understudy). It was only so-so (I'm not a big fan of musical comedy), but it was nice to visit the Kennedy Center.

Hmmm. What else did I do?

Oh, I fixed the page proofs on an article for a policy journal. More on that later.

And finally, since December 18, I've slept in 5 different beds, ate a lot of mediocre pizza, and drove at least 1500 miles.

The Somerville apartment now has high speed internet access, my office computer is going to be set up tomorrow, and I've got months to think, research and write.

Time to get to work.

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