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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Snow day(s)

As my readers know, my family arrived in Boston January 1. Here's what we've experienced, as reported by the Globe:
By early Wednesday afternoon Boston had not only set a new record for total snowfall in the month of January but it also had established a new mark for the most snow in any one month in 133 years of recorded weather history in Boston.

Going into Wednesday's storm the January record for Boston was 39.8 inches set in 1996. Meanwhile the record for the greatest amount of snow for a single month in Boston was 41.6 inches set in February 2003.

At the outset Wednesday the National Weather Service had measured 37.7 inches of snowfall at Logan Airport this month. At 1:55 p.m. Wednesday the NWS reported the new storm had dumped 4.5 inches of snow at Logan bringing the total at that point for the month to 42.2 inches setting records in both categories and the snow was still coming down.
Most people seem to walk in the streets, but the sidewalks are like walled walkways. The snow is piled 4 or 5 feet high, especially on the side closest to the street.

Oh, and it's still snowing and January still has 5 more days. Between snows, the temperature tends to dip into the teens.

During the day.

Overnight, it's usually low single digits. Tonight, it is supposed to be zero, with wind chills at 18 below.


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