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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Preemption's popularity in the world press

Periodically, I post some statements foreign leaders make about the Bush Doctrine. I missed this Asia Times story from April 2003:
"If lack of democracy, possession of weapons of mass destruction and export of terrorism were reasons for a country to make a preemptive strike in another country, then Pakistan deserves to be tackled more than any other country," said Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha during a parliamentary discussion on Iraq.
And, of course, Pakistan fired back at that:
To that, Pakistani Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said, "It is India which is a fit case for preemptive strikes - there is ample proof that India possesses biological, chemical and other weapons of mass destruction."
The article alleges that the US prepared to "take out" Pakistan's nukes after 9/11, but that Musharraf was able to keep them by cooperation in the "war on terror."

The article also alleges that if it tries to go the UN Security Council route, the US "is sure" to gain the assent of all the other permanent members to disarm India as well.

I'm especially dubious about that claim.

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