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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rumsfeld: Best Actor Slight?

Sundance is running "Control Room" and I finally caught it. If you haven't seen the documentary about the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera, I recommend a viewing.

To my mind, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stole the show. What a great, great performance. Here are his best lines in the film:
And it seems to me that it's up to all of us to try to tell the truth, to say what we know, to say what we don't know, and recognize that we're dealing with people that are perfectly willing to lie to the world to attempt to further their case. And to the extent people lie, ultimately, they are caught lying and they lose their credibility, and one would think it wouldn't take very long for that to happen dealing with people like this.
Of course, Rumsfeld was talking about al Jazeera, not fellow members of the Bush administration.

By the way, while the film has received some accolades, it was not nominated for a "Best Documentary" Oscar -- and apparently wasn't eligible.

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