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Friday, February 03, 2006

Blogging is, like, so 2004...

Or should that be...1984? You see, the administration's domestic spying and "data mining" might involve websurfing habits -- and blogging.

Blog readers have interests here too...

Actually, despite these worries about blog monitoring and reader tracking, big blogs are doing well. Indeed, the old "traffic concentration" problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Thousands and thousands of people are reading blogs -- but most of them are reading the same blogs.

Perhaps either the fear of spying or the concentration of blog traffic explains why readership is off on some sites -- or stagnant, as it is on the blog you're reading (though we're apparently getting more and more readers at the Duck, at least among other bloggers).

What's a small-time blogger to do? There are, of course, friendly suggestions on the web, like this -- or this.

Personally, I'm thinking of adding one of those lists of blurbs that some blogs feature. Readers, how do you like these actual recommendations from other bloggers?
"Rodger Payne, most definitely not a twat" -- helmut

"Payne is balanced and knowledgeable" -- Chris of Explananda

"Unlike many bloggers (including me), Rodger knows a whole lot about the subjects he discusses. Not reading his blog is a very stupid idea. So stop it right now." -- Dwight Meredith of Wampum
It's Friday afternoon, what do you want?

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