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Thursday, February 23, 2006


One of my New Year's resolutions was to post completely different content for this blog and the international relations group blog, The Duck of Minerva. So far I'm living up to that, though every now and then I point readers of one site to something I've written for the other.

This is one of those posts, though I'd first like to mention some good news about the Duck.

The Duck of Minerva has been nominated for a couple of 2005 Koufax awards, which identify the best "lefty" blogs on the internet: Best New Blog and Best Group Blog. Voting begins soon!

Now, to the self promotion...

Over at the Duck, I today posted "Anarchy in the UK?" -- an update on my prior reporting on this blog about Tony Blair's proposed identity card program.

Last week on the Duck, I posted "Dangerous IR Scholars?" concerning David Horowitz's campaign to limit academic freedom.

February 9, I posted "Politics of Eulogies" at the Duck, in response to the brief controversy surrounding the Coretta Scott King funeral.

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