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Monday, February 06, 2006

OTT: Iran edition

Does anyone else remember the cold war? Reuters, February 6:
In an interview with Reuters, [Israeli] Ambassador [to the US] Daniel Ayalon called Iran the most dangerous problem facing the world since World War Two but played down the possibility of Israeli military action.

...Iran was "probably the most dangerous problem since World War Two" and most countries, including Russia which is building Iran's nuclear plant at Bushehr, understand that, he said.
Maybe we should be frightened, given some risks between 1945 and now.

Consider this from the inside cover from James Blight's The Shattered Crystal Ball: Fear and Learning in the Cuban Missile. Crisis:
In late October 1962, the threat of nuclear war was not only possible, but probable. The scenarios for nuclear war under discussion in the Kremlin and the White House were vividly concrete and terrifyingly real. Later, President John. F. Kennedy would estimate that the chances of avoiding nuclear war were no better than 50 percent.
On a related topic, Ambassador Ayalon said that Israel would not give up its nuclear deterrent.

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