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Friday, January 07, 2011

Other writing

Posting here has been slow this past month, but I have written for other blogs.

At Duck of Minerva, I posted on January 5, 2011, a "Last call: 2012 Grawemeyer Award Nominations." In the article, you can find instructions for applying for the prize -- by next Friday.

On December 28, 2010, I posted "Dr. Strangelove's Mineshafts" in reference to the latest U.S. government report on surviving a nuclear blast.

At my e-IR blog on Climate Politics: IR and the Environment, I added a December 18 post called "American Doubt." As the title suggests, I discuss the declining U.S. public knowledge of climate change science.

Finally, in 2011, CQ Press published the 4th edition of Ralph Carter's Contemporary Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy: From Terrorism to Trade. Former student Sean Payne (no relation) and I have a chapter in that volume called, "The Politics of Climate Change: A Consensus for Copenhagen?"

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