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Sunday, November 07, 2004

"Free" Iraq

This is the first sentence in a story from Monday's New York Times (International Herald Tribune):
Prime Minister Ayad Allawi declared martial law across most of Iraq on Sunday
Great, just great.

What a wonderful "liberated" life the people of Iraq have attained since the US invaded their country in search of WMD and al Qaeda sponsorship.

The New York Times also reported over the weekend that 1000s of shoulder fired missiles are missing from Iraq ("Weapons: U.S. Expands List of Lost Missiles").

As I said above: Great, just great:
American intelligence agencies have tripled their formal estimate of shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile systems believed to be at large worldwide, since determining that at least 4,000 of the weapons in Iraq's prewar arsenals cannot be accounted for, government officials said Friday.
And just in time for holiday travel!

But, note, not in time to influence the US elections!

Everyone, loses.

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