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Monday, November 29, 2004

Some old news

Earlier today, I stumbled upon this quote when reading an old article about US foreign policy during the Clinton era. It was reproduced under the headline "Circumstances Alter Cases," The National Interest, Winter 1998/1999, p. 11 (sorry, no link except for my University):
...should the UK have applied US rules of engagement about terrorists, then we would have bombed the hell out of Noraid centres, which raised funds for the IRA in the U.S. long ago.

The Oldie, London (September 1998)
Obviously, that was written before anyone had given any thought to a George W. "Bush Doctrine."

The box also included this comparison:
  • 1979 -- Afghan = Mojaheddin = Holy warrior = Dead Russians = Good Thing.
  • 1998 -- Afghan = Taliban = International terrorist = Dead Americans = Bad Thing.

So...9/11 didn't even change the critique of American foreign policy.

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