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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Too busy to notice, but...

OK, there are a lot of blog-worthy topics today. Sorry, I have no real time to comment:

Russia has agreed to the Kyoto Protocol and the agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions will go into effect February 16, 2005. Without the US, of course.

Lame duck Secretary of State Colin Powell says he thinks Iran is trying to develop missiles that are nuclear capable. The story I read said nothing about range of those missiles.

The Republicans met in secret today and voted to change their rules. Now, a member can continue to serve as Speaker of the House even if he or she is under indictment. Tom DeLay, the current Speaker, may soon be under indictment. For those who remember Republicans going crazy in 1993 over the Dan Rostenkowski ethics investigation, this may seem hypocritical. Apparently, Tom DeLay was one of the loudest voices complaining at the time. Surprised?

A Sociology Professor at University of California Berkeley, Michael Hout, who is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences, released a co-authored study today implying that there were likely some serious voting shenanigans in certain Florida counties in 2004, resulting in George Bush receiving an "excess" 130,000 to 260,000 votes.

Correction: DeLay is Majority Leader, not Speaker. Dennis Hastert still has the main job, which he obtained thanks in great part to DeLay's maneuvering. The rules change, in any case, applies broadly to leadership positions. And it was instigated for DeLay, who faces all sorts of judicial scrutiny for alleged wrongdoing.

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