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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's after midnight, do you know who you are?

The December 2007 Atlantic Monthly had this brief note about identity in its "Primary Sources" section:
Night owls are more imaginative and open to unconventional ideas, preferring the unknown and favoring intuitive leaps on their way to reaching conclusions. Social behavior diverges as well: Morning people are more likely to be self-controlled and exhibit “upstanding” conduct; they respect authority, are more formal, and take greater pains to make a good impression. (Earlier research also suggests that they are less likely to hold radical political opinions.) Evening people, by contrast, are “independent” and “nonconforming,” and more reluctant to listen to authority...
Day-after-day, I'm the last one in bed in my household -- hours after everyone else.

Just to pick a random data point...President Bush famously goes to bed very early.

Learn more about the original study here.

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