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Friday, January 04, 2008

Orange Bowl

Kansas has won the 2008 Orange Bowl and obviously deserves strong consideration for #1 or #2, particularly if LSU beats Ohio State. If that were to occur, all the BCS contenders would have two losses each -- except for Kansas and Hawaii (which was destroyed the other day).

The Jayhawks defeated BCS #3 ranked Virginia Tech and finished the season 12-1. The final tally was 24-21, but Kansas had the ball inside the Tech 1 yard line and let time expire rather than run up the score.

Some critics say that the KU schedule was soft, but the team beat five schools that played in bowl games (Central Michigan, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Colorado and VT). Its lone loss was to Missouri, which destroyed Arkansas in its bowl and lost only to Oklahoma (twice).

Update: Kansas ended up #7 in the polls, but #2 in Jeff Sagarin's computer formula -- and in several other computer systems used by the BCS as well. Unfortunately, the human voice carried greater weight.

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