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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Barack Obama has won the Iowa caucuses with about 38% of the vote. The big story, however, may be that Hillary Clinton has finished third. With all precincts reporting by about midnight eastern time, she received just under 29.5% of the vote. It will be reported as 29%.

Edwards got 29.8% of the vote. It will be reported as 30%.

MSNBC exit polling revealed that most Democratic participants wanted a candidate that "Can bring about needed change." A majority of voters wanting "chage" supported Obama.

On December 28, the New York Times
interestingly reported that "change" and "health" are among the words most frequently used by Hillary Clinton in her political ads.

Hmmm. Her change is "dump the Republicans," but maybe Democrats want to move past the Clintons...

Obama, by the way, most often says "people" and "believe."

Edwards most frequently says "work" and "America."

The Times story also reported that Obama spent over $8 million in Iowa, Clinton $6.5 million and Edwards $2.7 million.

It total, the Dems spent about $150 per caucus participant!

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