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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Radio appearance: dissent

Wednesday, January 30, I'll be a guest on the local public radio program "State of Affairs." You can listen live on the web at 11 am ET. The station is WFPK, 89.3 FM in Louisville.

The topic is "The Role of Dissent in Islam and America" and I'll be sharing time with Professor Anouar Majid, author of A Call for Heresy; Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America. This is the blurb about the program:
It's funny thing, dissent - there are times when expressing dissent with our leaders seems very patriot or noble, and yet there are other times when it is seen as disloyal and subversive. And the more fundamental a society becomes, the less dissent is tolerated, but the more it seems to be needed. And lest we think this just happens in Islamic countries, let's take a good look at America's tolerance for dissent in the past few years. Join us on Wednesday as we discuss the role dissent does, can and should play in Islam and America.
I'll be drawing on my recent academic work on counterpublic spheres and anti-war protest. This is taken from my 2006 ISA conference paper abstract:
"counterpublics"...invent and circulate discourses in opposition to those featured in the mainstream. Counterpublic spheres potentially make the predominant public sphere more inclusive and open to dissent. Some empirical attention is directed at the apparent success of the anti-war counterpublic, as reflected in their distinct minority status immediately after the 9/11 attacks in regard to war in Afghanistan in fall 2001 through opposition to the Iraq war in 2006.
Tune in if you can.

Update: I enjoyed the program. Listen to the archived version here.

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