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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Feith's "not lawful" shop

OK, so the talented blogger Digby links to me and my top post for most of the weekend is on my fantasy baseball team. Ugh.

My regular readers might put up with such ramblings, but the new crowd was bound to be disappointed.

How's this...

Earlier today, the Senators who directed the Intelligence investigation said some interesting things about the Pentagon's intelligence operations -- both the regular DIA and Doug Feith's Office of Special Plans.

You know, the operation Senator Rockefeller already said was "not lawful."

Kansas Republican and Committee Chair Pat Roberts was not at all happy with the way DIA disclosed sources and methods -- to the CIA!
Roberts cited false information on Iraq that the Bush administration had taken from a source code-named Curveball.

"Curveball really provided 98 percent of the assessment as to whether or not the Iraqis had a biological weapon," Roberts said.

"Yet the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, knew of his background. He has a very troubled background."

Based on this source's claims, the administration argued that Iraq had biological weapons capability, Roberts said.

"That's the kind of flaw in intelligence and I think -- I won't say willful -- but the DIA should have shared that information with the CIA. And the CIA should have gone from there."

In fact, Roberts said, much information about Curveball was redacted, or blacked out, from the version of the report that was made public.

"I can't really tell you some of the more specific details that would make your eyebrows even raise higher," Roberts said.
I think we can imagine, eh?

Senator Rockefeller emphasize the problematic OSP under Feith:
"There's always the question whether or not he [Feith] was running a secret intelligence operation that bypassed the entire intelligence community. And the law says you've got to inform the intelligence community of anything that you're doing," Rockefeller said.
The press reports suggest that other Senators are interested in digging around the Pentagon. I'm sure there's plenty to learn.

Let the fun begin.

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