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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Tech question

Can someone help with a blog tech question?

The past couple of days (since blogger updated its editing options), my blog template has changed. However, I didn't do anything to the template. Really.

Page down and you'll notice that old posts are no longer framed and enclosed in a white background. Instead, the text begins at the margin and the background is blue (and thus hard to read).


Note: Please send suggestions to my university email address -- or leave them in the comments. I only check the blog email address weekly (it gets very little mail). The university address is just a click away.

One thing I noticed when I looked at the html code for the past few posts. The editor is automatically entering "& n b s p ;" (without the spaces, which I need to make the code appear here) to create some spaces and blank lines. I think I've deleted them from the last few posts (since blogger introduced its new editor).

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