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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Say Hello to Peter

Let me introduce the other guest blogger who will soon be appearing in this space while I'm vacationing: Peter Dombrowski.

I've known Pete since graduate school at Maryland. He grew up in Massachusetts (yes, he's a long suffering Red Sox fan) and currently works nearby at the Naval War College. For some years, he has been a Professor in the Strategic Research Department, but this summer he took over as editor of the Naval War College Press.

Of course, Pete will not be blogging from work, nor will he be blogging as any kind of spokesperson of the Naval War College.

Doesn't he look serious?

In 1996, the University of Pittsburgh Press published his book, Policy Responses to the Globalization of American Banks, which means that Pete knows a great deal more than I do about international economics.

Loyal readers may remember that Pete and I have worked on some projects together, resulting in a couple of journal articles. Watch this space over the next few months for more news on that front.

Anyway, Pete travels the world for the Navy (or he did, before budgets became a bit tighter) and participates in all kinds of conferences and projects. At home, he travels far and wide with his wife Ann (also a Maryland PhD) as they encourage their daughter's athletic pursuits. Well...they went to Ohio for a meet and I was impressed.

The blog will be in good hands. Happy reading!

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