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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Media matters

Check out the "Media Views Archive 2004" on the FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) website and you'll find a great deal of media criticism by assorted writers.

Many pieces are by high profile lefty blogger Atrios (of Eschaton), taken directly from his blog. His blog has included incisive media criticism of a wide variety of media reporters and outlets, including Aaron Brown, Bill Buckley, Barbara Bradley Hagerty (NPR), Rush Limbaugh, Lisa Myers, Elizabeth McCaughey, Andrea Mitchell, Cokie Roberts, the Washington Post, the World Journalism Institute, CNN, and Newsweek.

One article on FAIR's website, on Tucker Carlson, is by Duncan B. Black and was published on the Media Matters website.

Why am I telling you? Well, Atrios now includes this statement at the bottom of his blog:
Eschaton -- a weblog by d u n c a n b l a c k
In other words, Atrios has revealed himself to the world. And from the Democratic National Convention there are pictures in the blogosphere, and plenty of bloggers confirming his identity (read the comments). Dave Winer says this:
Now there officially has been news at the DNC. The uncloaking of a blogging super-hero.
Winer too has a photo.

Since Atrios has raised over $275,000 for Kerry (and thousands more for other candidates and the DNC), I suppose this was inevitable.

Also, since I believe in transparency, I suppose this is a "good thing." While Atrios usually talks about the words public figures have spoken or written, he has sometimes noted when their personal behavior is inconsistent with those words. Now, he will be vulnerable to the same, I suppose.

It's kind of interesting that Duncan Black is an academic, though I never thought he was an economist.

That said, I'm not surprised he's also an urbanist. A couple of friendly urbanists that I know occastionally read this space. Can anyone say something about Duncan Black's academic work? I see that he used to be at UC-Irvine and coauthored papers/articles with a former colleague (or mentor) at Brown...

Update: A newspaper has the story, but doesn't seem to realize it's big news in the blogosphere. Really, really big news, apparently.

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