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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Say hello to Avery

I'm doing some R&R this long holiday weekend and cannot promise frequent blog posts.

Thus, I've asked my friend and colleague Avery Kolers to "guest blog." We've discussed some of the topics he might cover and I think you'll enjoy his work. I've also talked to another long-time friend and reader who might also be joining us on occasion.

Anyway, Avery writes many a letter-to-the-editor of the local paper (and sometimes to even more impressive outlets), so I figure this will be a good alternative outlet for release.

Note that Avery is a Philosophy professor who is primary interested in political philosophy and applied ethics. Like me, he occasionally teaches a course on globalization.

Should I note that Avery is a long-time committed activist, for a variety of causes? I attended many anti-war meetings at his old apartment during 2002.

Don't you love the world wide web? That's him in the center.

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