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Friday, January 06, 2006

Blogosphere notes

Thursday, I posted some information for your listening pleasure. Today, a few links for your reading and viewing pleasure.

To read: Guest-blogger Glenn Greenwald has a great post at Digby's Hullabaloo, Attacking Bush's only weapon: Fear. A taste:
Fear of terrorism is what the Administration has successfully inflamed and exploited for four years in order to justify its most extreme and even illegal actions undertaken in the name of fighting terrorism.

Without pause, the Administration has sought to make Americans as frightened as possible about terrorism and has used that fear to justify its actions with regard to almost every issue.
Needless to say, they've used fear and the "war on terror" to justify just about every foreign policy decision. Indeed, I'd add one point that I've made before -- the administration has turned international relations on its head, arguing that the greatest threats to US security often come from the world's weakest states. Now that's some use of fear, eh?

Also, read this: Brad DeLong's A Riddle Inside a Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma... DeLong combines a couple of threads -- did the Bush White House bug Christiane Amanpour? If so, did it thus also bug Jamie Rubin, former Clinton administration official and Kerry campaign advisor? It's an interesting couple of questions, though Atrios reports on the inevitable denial.

And finally, a "must see" link: Jeffrey Lewis has a great short video link at his Arms Control Wonk blog: Kim Jong Il's Bodyguards. Watch it. Now.

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