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Friday, January 13, 2006

Blogging for the BBC

After I posted "Isn't this what friends are for?" Wednesday, I received an email from Kevin Anderson of the BBC News radio program, "World Have Your Say."

Kevin wanted me to partake in a discussion about Brigadier Nigel Aylwin-Foster's critique of the US army in Iraq -- live Thursday (about 1:30 pm ET, early evening in the UK). Unfortunately, he wrote only a few hours before the broadcast and I read it only half an hour or so in advance.

I emailed him (he quickly replied) and asked if he wanted to talk to me about the war. I've done many radio interviews and thought this was more of the same. He'd taken the care to find my university email address, so I figured the BBC wanted my opinion in a short quote or two.


I finally discovered that one can comment about a story on-line, so I posted a couple of paragraphs to the news forum during the early part of the program. However, it's not (currently) shown. Then again, I didn't register for membership for the BBC forums, and thus my remarks were automatically delayed for a moderator to read.

At least one blogger was mentioned in the post-show I guess I screwed up big time.

I misinterpreted the invitation, thinking it was for the "old" media (radio), and didn't catch-on quickly enough to be a full participant in the on-line, but real-time discussion on the relatively new media.


Kevin, next time I'll be ready!

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