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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New banner

I'm not much of a graphic artist.

If anyone wants to grab that banner and play around with it a little -- feel free. I'd be grateful.

Ideally, the dark green in the title background space would be lighter (perhaps to match the blue-green of the original box). Also, the corners could be rounded, the small patch of white on the right could be eliminated and the blog title text should be in white rather than black.

Otherwise, what do you think?

Update: If anyone needs to tweak the results, here are my photo credits:

  • Condi's matrix
  • Mushroom cloud
  • Rumsfeld
  • Iraq map
  • Bush flightsuit
  • Baseballs (autographed by the President)
  • Blair
  • Earth

    I'm willing to live with two rows of four slightly larger photos, with the blog name scripted across these photos. The blog description text could be off to the (right) side.

    BTW, my photo order had a logic. Blair and the globe sort of go together, as do Bush/baseball, and Condi and the mushroom cloud. I cropped some of the photos.

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