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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Old comments are back!

For some time, I've been frustrated by the fact that old comments disappeared from the blog. A few times, I was trying to remember references to webpages (or old movies) and couldn't find them because they were gone.

Then, in December, a commenter on Mrs. Coulter's Republic of Heaven noted that Haloscan will retain old comments on a blog if the blogger buys the premium account with a $12 "donation." Presumably, that's an annual cost.

Yesterday, I gave Haloscan $12, the first cash I've spent on the blog.

Hopefully, readers will find those old comments useful as well.

BTW, some readers may have also noticed in the past few weeks that I added my first advertisement on the bottom of the right-hand column. It's for Powell's, a damn fine independent bookstore located in Portland. Some family members own bookstores in Chicago too. If you order books from that store (using the link from my homepage), I receive 7.5% of the sales price as a partner/affiliate. Any funds (none so far) will be used to support the blog.

I visit Powell's every time I go to Portland (which is every few years). I like the fact that customers can purchase new or used editions, depending upon your needs and means.

Happy reading!

1/31/06 Update: I corrected the Powell's information, which originally had an incorrect sales commission rate.

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